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Seriously Nexon?

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areynante Level 208 Khaini Dark Knight
I was just in DiPQ and got a message saying I've been blocked for the HACK reason? Wtf? I've never even touched one in my life.
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Grim Level 213 Renegades Blade Master DarkRelic Guild
It happens if you lag. Most of the time it'll d/c you and you just get back on. If you were really hacking then when you try to get back on it'll tell you that you're banned for like 2 weeks.
Sep 04 2015
areynante Level 208 Khaini Dark Knight
If you guys say so. I've spent too much time/money on this account. No desire to hack.
Sep 04 2015
bluemistar Level 170 Windia ShadowerSheriff
Nexon's just intimidated by 'yer skills, so they blocked ya.
Sep 04 2015
vimi Level 122 Bera Aran 4
I take it as a compliment. You're doing so much dmg that Nexon thinks you must be hacking to be that good
Sep 04 2015
this happens when you kill several mobs and you're lagging
in other words: NGS failing as usual.
Sep 04 2015
akadantemustdie Level 211 Scania Kaiser 4 See what games, anime & art akadantemustdie is intoakadantemustdie
This happens all the time to me because I lagspike a lot lagging is usually why this happens. Don't worry nothing bad will happen to you, been happening snice pre bb also and nothing happened.
Sep 04 2015

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