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Sesshomaru Drawing Screen

By traitor

traitor Level 200 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art traitor is intoTraitor
Nov 02 2015 This is a drawing of my Hayato, Sesshomaru by my friend @drgnkid thanks buddy. It came out pretty badass.

[had to lower quality by resize due to basil]

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jetlagjag Level 201 Windia Cannoneer 4
+1 Your friend is very talented! This is handsom- I mean gorgeous.
Nov 02 2015
jetlagjag Level 201 Windia Cannoneer 4
@traitor Nope. -admits defeat. Takes my leave-
Nov 03 2015
mrsonylicious Level 1 Scania Hayato 4
The face and body was nicely drawn
Nov 06 2015

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