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Set your goals high and your doubts low Screen

By tobivs

tobivs Level 121 Kradia Blade Lord
Dec 24 2010 Vladica Lvl 167 Polearm Drk
RaginRefugee lvl 142 One Handed Sword Hero
XxEliteSiin lvl 146 Nightlord
BishopDWIGHT lvl 180 Bishop
We beat zak After 28 Mins Just the Four of us XD All In all
Always Set Your Goals High

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tobivs Level 121 Kradia Blade Lord
Ty i know Solo is better but our guild doesnt have the highest lvls we missing jonas otherwise these are mostly our "pro" Team =P
Dec 24 2010
Their isn't any diff with polearm DrK is there? =S
Good job though!~
White lady of Perion!~ (Only she's so angry her hair turned red)
Dec 25 2010
DarkEternity Level 61 Scania Brawler
@pman1123: But this is legit. =]

Don't even deny that you hacked it to kill, I do three times your damage in that screenshot, and I still solo in 40 minutes. Even said your teammates were horrible, so your combined damage is not even close to mine.
Jul 04 2011

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