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Shade End Game Bossing Compilation Video

By lycanthropods

lycanthropods Level 230 Broa Shade 4 No1Care Guild
Jun 29 2016 A rather long video, but it shows most of the end game bosses being done as a Shade.

0:00 - Normal Magnus
0:08 - Normal Horntail
0:18 - Chaos Horntail
0:34 - Hard Hilla
0:48 - Madman Ranmaru
1:12 - Normal Empress(Cygnus)
2:03 - Hell Gollux
3:50 - Chaos Zakum
5:41 - Hard Magnus
9:49 - Chaos Crimson Queen
12:22 - Chaos VonBon
15:39 - Chaos Vellum

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enlock Level 145 Reboot Evan 10th Growth
Awesome vid! never played shade but always enjoyed their bossing and skills hahaha. Also i havnt listened to it in years but thats linkin park isnt it??
Jun 29 2016
pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
+2 so basically i been watching some green thing smack mobs and do cap dmg for 22 mins
Jun 29 2016
rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4
dam, flash back with the linkin park tracks, ty for that<3

ot. nice video mane. i see you could be hitting 80-90m lines if you were not capped. any big differences with the slight dps boost we get from our impoved hyper? and why dont most shades use drain and ult in mag. ult invince saves me all the time also really liked that gollux clutch at 4 counters
Jun 29 2016
lycanthropods Level 230 Broa Shade 4 No1Care Guild
+1 @enlock: Yep, decided to use the music every maple video in 2006-2007 used.

@pokiitia: Yes.

@rixworkwix: Honestly, I don't see a big difference in most bosses with the updated hyper. It's really only noticeable in bosses that don't move much. As for using hyper in Magnus, I do sometimes use it, I guess I just didn't use it in that specific run. For drain, I never remember to use it, or I usually don't need it in most situations. I guess I need to be more conscious about having it. That Gollux run was pretty meh, wasn't happy with it, I don't know why I used that run in this video when I had better. Anyways, I just uploaded an updated Gollux video using the new hypers. Saved 8 seconds off my prior best time.
Jun 29 2016
Next video
ft. Green Day
Jun 29 2016
mysticalmage Level 214 Bera Dark Knight
Ty for Linkin Park nostalgia.
Jun 30 2016

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