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Shade lv 170 hyper skill useless?

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arcinex Level 206 Windia Blade Master
Is there a technique or something to fully utilize Shade's lv 170 hyper skill? Because it's pretty much as useless as and similar to (albeit flashier) his 3rd job Spirit Frenzy skill (the blue tornado skill).
Posted: July 2016 Permalink


lolsmacker Level 10 Scania Blade Recruit
It's pretty useful for dodging OHKO abilities or attacks that might kill you in boss battles. When your controls get reversed in Gollux you can activate it and you wont lose hp. Same goes for Magnus bombs, Cvell laser, etc.
Jul 03 2016
tenseiga1 Level 36 Windia Brawler
At mp3, you kill about 130 mobs in those 8 seconds of duration. Maybe 200 with kanna? Making those "kill 200 same-level monsters" quests a ton more quicker.
Jul 03 2016

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