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Shadow dance Screen

By demonchaos

demonchaos Level 171 Windia Blade Master
Apr 05 2013 Decided to remove the blade effect and add my shadow, I liked the effect too much with the background otherwise I'd make it more maple looking. XD

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Doutei Level 239 Zenith Xenon 4
teh background and the shadow clash with each other tooooooooooooo much where the blacks start to blend ind and out.
Also the lines for it just gives off a naseating feel [espeically with the green hues for a fill.]
Apr 06 2013
demonchaos Level 171 Windia Blade Master
@Doutei Hmmm... Yeah it does a bit, I thought it looked sort of cool, but I used the effect "difference" so thats why it turned out like that. I'm honestly thinking of redoing it, it was going to be a plain see through black shadow, and I just kind of did random brushes with the background since I didn't know what to do.
Apr 06 2013

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