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Shadower - 706 avoid Screen

By EpikSnow

EpikSnow Level 191 Scania Blade Master
Aug 14 2010 im that much closer to 999 avoid! yay ;D
i dont reall care about my dmg.. i just want avoid!
with my damage gear (pacs and 14 atk wg etc...) my rang would'e jumped an exrta 700 ish but my avoid will drop by 75ish

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LOL hey hibarie just saw u yesterday haha
Aug 14 2010
FlAm3Z Level 161 Khaini Kaiser 4
Theres a like a level 55 brawler with 999 avoid
EDIT: I failed
Aug 14 2010
Theres a like a level 55 brawler with 999 avoid[/quote]

SS or doesn't exist.
Aug 14 2010
your comparing me with a lvl 200... by the time i 18x, i'll prolly reach max avoid[/quote]

Thief class recieves way more avoid than the archer class when applying ap. Thats the point.
Aug 14 2010

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