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Shadower looking for guild in reboot

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fargrym Level 154 Yellonde Aran 4
title says it all, looking for some mature players than want to boss and hang out.
Posted: September 2016 Permalink


fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
there are no guilds in Chat Island/real life.
Sep 15 2016
fargrym Level 154 Yellonde Aran 4
@tashie I'm only level 134, can i still join?
Sep 26 2016
fargrym Level 154 Yellonde Aran 4
@tashie i tried to join its the level 25 one right? it said i have applied
Sep 29 2016
tashie Level 207 Reboot Beast Tamer Bear Tipsy Guild
@fargyym ya lol ill check again but i didn't see anything yesterday :c if anything ill add you to my buddy list after this maint is done
Sep 29 2016

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