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Shadower or Dual Blade

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hullo Level 53 Bera Dawn Warrior 2
Hey guys. So i'll get right to the point. Im debating on which class to fund. Of course like the title its between a shadower or a dual blade. I find both of these classes fun and i do enjoy both of them. I just want to see on which one i should focus on. I currently only have 2b at the moment. I know its very little but its all i have and just wanna see which would be best for me. I currently enjoy bossing more then anything in game if that takes any consideration. Please and thank you
Posted: September 2016 Permalink


arcinex Level 206 Windia Blade Master
Dual Blade because we have an OP level 170 hyper skill, called Asura's Anger, on a short cooldown, two invincibility skills in Final Cut and Chains of Hell both of which have relatively short cooldowns, Gollux is a piece of cake with the help of Mirrored Target, easily achieve 100% critical rate with shadow meld, cool storyline / intro, and we attack super fast.
Come 5th job Dual Blade will have ANOTHER op Asura-like skill on, again I say, relatively short cooldown.
Sep 26 2016
jaytokyo Level 204 Bera Blade Master
+1 If you're looking for funding efficiency don't play dual blade.
Sep 26 2016
jaytokyo Level 204 Bera Blade Master
@piana: You just named two classes on the low end of the dmg scale and compared them . . so basically they're a pain to hit serious damage.
Sep 27 2016
jaytokyo Level 204 Bera Blade Master
In this era 2b is practically unfunded, More so It's easier to cap nate, plus Shad has such a much better variety of bossing utilities as opposed to dual blade.

DB is raw power strictly attack based class with low dmg % which makes it terrible for the lower funded players; because if you don't have that high att and luk% you're doing a bunch of hits with no real power behind it. Essentially making the class seem really weak.

. Kanna is the very same as it's range is inflated but it takes a lot to really do end game stuff.

If he like db he should play it but with 2b don't expect to be soloing even the low tier bosses unless he really dedicates his time to the class or drop a rack on nx
Sep 28 2016
mancot2 Level 212 Broa Shadower Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art mancot2 is intomancot2
+1 I'd say go with Shadower.
It's fun.
But if you ever get bored, just do a job change for free [from coins you receive from random events].
I've job changed over 15 times between Shad <-> DB <-> NL.
They all have their unique characteristics.
You just gotta see what suits your play-style.
Oct 07 2016

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