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Should I Bother With the spear

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I looked at the dark knight changes a few months from now and their getting +2 att speed if equipping a spear

is a spear now offically better than polearm? someone do the math for me.

If I already have a super godly polearm should I bother making a new spear from stratch.
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Genostigma Level 200 Broa Citizen See what games, anime & art Genostigma is intoGenostigma
Does this mean in theory faf spears will have the same speed as pa while having more atk and now a 5% extra dmg too? Oo[/quote]

Yes that's exactly what it means. I already have my Faf Spear hooked-up, just waiting for the patch so I can start using it? Same speed as PA but more base att & 5%dmg...yes I'm sold back to spears! Wish it was 2+ speed but oh well.
Jul 13 2015
aGrumpyMapler Level 211 Bera Kaiser 4
more like force, this was a really stupid and asshole-y thing to do.[/quote]

Eh not really forced, 5% damage increase is nice but it isn't as crazy as having an extra attack speed on spears before they changed. Might be a little biased about backing spears up though since I've had once since I started DK
Jul 14 2015
GunsTheSparkle Level 204 Bera Dark Knight
Well, my dreams of using the Alchupiz forever have finally come full circle...
Iron will still sucks though.
Jul 14 2015
Bradbgone Level 220 Bera Dark Knight
i'm glad i have a 320att sw spear right about now,,,,,,
Jul 16 2015
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