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Should I get this?

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tiguier Level 121 Bera Buccaneer
Hello guys. Someone smega'd this staff
And it gave me something around 500k extra range full buffed.
I'm a BaM and I have few questions.
1) It gave me +500k range but I had my staff equipped, my current self buffed range is 1.5m so... would I be at 2m range with this new staff? or does me having my staff equipped affects the +500k range increase? (Noob question, I know hahaha but I need to make sure).

2) Is this staff really worth the asking price? (C/O is at 200k nx, can win it at 250k nx).

I can sell my own staff to cut down that price a little (Mine is faf satff unique, 12 stars 367 matk. Lines are 20% boss dmg, 15% pdr and 6% int, crap rare bonus pot, Radiant murgoth soul and 25% boss dmg neb).

My current boss% with my staff equipped is at 291% and my pdr is at 89% if that matters.
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