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Should I quit?

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johnkaoson Level 222 Windia Wild Hunter 1
I just wasted 7 bil mesos attempting to star force my tyrant, managing to go from 6-1 stars. After this, I've just been wondering how much maple treats me like complete dirt. Like last css session I had to use 2 bil worth of css to recover 1 slot, and the scroll(60%) failed. Then even before that, It took me about 8 bil worth of spell traces during fever to scroll perf a wepond( normally taking 3 bil for others ). Not to mention I returned to playing this game after a year of break, and coming back nexon is giving me depression once again. I'm areadly not satisfied with my 5th job and many things, and its just getting worse and worse.
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Should I quit?

80%21 / 26Should I quit?
7%2 / 26Don't quit?
11%3 / 26play on reboot


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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
+1 Dont ask us, be a man and make your own decision.
Jun 23 2017
wellness Level 199 Mardia Phantom 4 Justaway Guild
I'll help you out. You can use your resources to achieve a goal more worthwhile where you wouldn't question the validity.

That being said, it may not matter in the end, and so you could use that logic to not care about whether you quit or not.

I do think it will be worthwhile, though, to at least work on other hobbies to replenish your mental energies and whatnot.
Jun 23 2017
animus Level 160 Aquila I/L Arch Mage
It depends on you. If you only "play" this game for the numbers displayed on screen and grudge yourself over it whenever it doesn't go your way after you invested some resources, then I suppose it'll be a waste to keep playing it.
Jun 24 2017
darksword Level 230 Scania Blade Master
RNG is always unpredictable. Most of the time, if you put your focus onto only a linear path it will generally tire you out.

I tend to make many detours as possible to reduce the stress while playing, which actually helps me enjoy the game just much more.

To me it's more of the journey until you reach the result, and not to let that success blind you from future goals.

Even though I may not be ahead of the pack I still enjoy the game to this day. But if you lost the passion maybe it's time to move to something else. It heavily depends on you at the end of the day. Will you accept that kind of defeat and give up? Or will you try again and again until you get it?

Sure maybe it's just a game, but it can apply towards real life. As much as different as it is, it does have their similarities towards an MMO.
Jun 24 2017
darksword Level 230 Scania Blade Master
@beefly: The problem with No-Boom AEEs and Guardians is the high cost. Most likely the OP couldn't afford it, or decided and thought would be cheaper to Star Force (hopefully, knowing the risks if failed).

But in both cases, Starring Tyrants are not cheap unless you're extremely lucky.
Jun 24 2017
restarting Level 50 Scania Battle Mage 2
+1 I find you don't quit this game, you just a bit longer of a break every time
Jun 25 2017
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