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Should i get X or Y?

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Rimkii Level 206 Bera Marksman
I finally got my 3ds and I've been wanting to get X or Y and I seem stuck. I really like the legendary for Y but I like the looks of the mega evolutions better on X. I do use legendaries on occasion, but I really only do it for emergencies.
Posted: July 2014 Permalink

Should i get X or Y?

32%8 / 25Xellent
4%1 / 25Y would you pick anything else?
0%0 / 25Does it really even matter?
64%16 / 25Those puns were awful


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qtwarriorxx9001 Level 141 Bera Shadower
In that case, I'd choose X.
You really wouldn't use a legendary at all in Pokemon X/Y since the game is so gosh darn easy.
Jul 20 2014
LulzMudkipzz Level 203 Bera I/L Arch Mage
Get X. You can just find a Yveltal off of wonder trade by trading your Xerneas.
Jul 20 2014
WhatIsAUsername Level 65 Windia Aran 3
Get X. You can just find a Yveltal off of wonder trade by trading your Xerneas.[/quote]
put your xerneas in wonder trade and you will be very, very sad.
Jul 20 2014
yongyong139 Level 76 Renegades
y not get both?
xellent plan yes?
Jul 20 2014
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
Xerneas is super op with powerherb +geomancy.
charizard X is beast w/ physical attacks.
pinsir is a daaaaayum beast too. quick attack is ridiculous with swords dance
Jul 20 2014
Don't play the game, but those puns tho.
Jul 20 2014
OneLife Level 163 Scania Kanna 4
Ye guys i'm gonna try and get this game too. Should I get X or Y. Which one do you guys think is better?
Jul 20 2014
Rimkii Level 206 Bera Marksman
I'm also more for raw power rather than using up turns to build up stats (getting better about it though) so that's really the only reason i was looking at Y in the first place. But i guess i could get X anyway because my friend agreed to trade for Xerneas anyhow.
Jul 20 2014
ToriLikesYou Level 151 Scania Mercedes 4
I liked the Y exclusives better.
Charizard Y, Mewtwo Y, Sprtizee, Skrelp, Yveltal... etc
Jul 20 2014
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