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Should nexon remove the damage cap?

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sirclapalot Level 88 Scania Night Walker 3
Why is there a damage cap in the first place? I mean you only need a certain level of godliness to achieve it. Theres no point in becoming even more godly if your at the dmg cap? Wh is there even 1 in the first place?
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LeftCIickWin Level 200 Windia Blade Master
well it's not like you could reach damage cap anyway... hahahaha.
Jul 15 2012
The damage cap is an arbitrary maximum value that was chosen at a point in time when it wasn't as many ways to reach it so readily available. Remember the days when people ate a piece of Gelt Chocolate and posted godly screenshots of their Assassins hitting monsters down in Ludi for 5 digit damage? If you asked someone back then, being able to hit 999,999 with any attack would have been completely unfathomable to that person.
Jul 15 2012
So you're saying you want all those cap spamming classes to hit 10,000,000 per hit? I didn't think so.
Jul 15 2012
FiendOverlord Level 203 Broa Buccaneer
That's their plan when everyone gets their hurricane skill at 5th job and everybody wants to hit max with it.
Jul 15 2012
infinteZero Level 208 Demethos Evan 10th Growth
lol 1st week damage caps released hundreds of accounts auto banned for 1 hiting pink bean, other bosses

its ther as a limit do you really wanna see some uber rich person 1hit pink bean ect because he sold home so he could hit 2,147,483,647 damage every attack
Jul 15 2012
Green Level 174 Scania I/L Arch Mage
People won't dupe if there's no need to be supergodly
Jul 15 2012
XxSuperMoFoxX Level 171 Scania Mercedes 4
well you see if you ever go to a crockies map during 2x and see a person or people hitting max you will begin to notice you are lagging
Jul 15 2012
johny2toes Level 160 Bera Wild Hunter 4
Bcause it'll get ridiculous when you see someone OHKO all zak arms and the zak bodies in like 4-5 seconds flat[/quote]

As if that doesn't already happen?
Jul 15 2012
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