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Should schools have uniforms?

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FriedSnake Level 42 Broa Angelic Buster 2
Should there be school uniforms? Why or why not?
Posted: June 2013 Permalink

Should schools have uniforms?

78%18 / 23Yes
21%5 / 23No


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Hatchet Level 200 Kradia Bow Master
I went to private school from kindergarten to grade 8. It was quite annoying since it was the whole tie, blazer, dress shirt kind of school but it kept order and neatness and it wasn't that bad.

In my highschool right now we have uniforms and it's really comfortable (compared to my old uniform). I actually LOVE having a uniform for high school because I wouldn't know what to wear and I barely have any clothes so yeah.
Jun 08 2013
I've gone to schools where uniforms were compulsory and schools where they weren't required. I preferred the freedom of being able to choose what I wore to school.
Jun 08 2013
Fibbingbear Level 126 Scania Demon Slayer 4
i hate uniforms
Jun 08 2013
Aznguy999 Level 175 Bera Bishop
If it's required, atleast I don't need to think in the morning about clothing
Jun 08 2013
xDracius Level 150 Khaini
I'd love wearing a uniform to be honest, it's so neat and tidy.
That and people wearing XXL shirts with sagging jeans make me want to gag.
Jun 08 2013
PressF13 Level 142 Renegades Night Lord
I've never been required to wear a uniform and I can say that clothing really isn't that big of a deal.
Jun 08 2013
Liqs Level 210 Windia Demon Slayer 4
I remember having to always write about this topic. @_@
I went to a private school 5th-9th grade, and I absolutely loved my uniform because I thought the skirt was cute and I didn't have to waste time each morning picking out what to wear LOL. Also, when seeing other private school students from other schools in the metro and stuff I liked representing the school I went to and felt proud to be in their uniform... Oh, and it was a money-saver. I would have shopped a lot more if I didn't have a uniform.

A reason not to wear a uniform is self expression.
Jun 08 2013
if school uniforms look good on anime chars then it'll look good on me so yes
Jun 08 2013
Exumaii Level 161 Elnido Wind Archer 4
Dress codes did not, in any way, prevent bullying. I do not think schools shouls have uniforms.
Jun 08 2013
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