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Should schools have uniforms?

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FriedSnake Level 42 Broa Angelic Buster 2
Should there be school uniforms? Why or why not?
Posted: June 2013 Permalink

Should schools have uniforms?

78%18 / 23Yes
21%5 / 23No


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BIueee Level 202 Scania Blade Master
Twins.. twin clothes everywhere!
Jun 08 2013
Yes I like them because I'm too lazy to pick out clothes for school hell I'm to lazy on weekends too so I just wear the same shirt and hoodie I wore the rest of the week
Jun 08 2013
ForeverO99 Level 84 Arcania Evan 7th Growth
When I lived in Asia we had to wear school uniforms, it was awesome because like others said I never need to worry about what I need to wear. And our school uniform was also pretty cool too. They should make school uniforms again.
Jun 08 2013
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