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Showing EXP Decay at Hall of Honor Video

By zpattack12

zpattack12 Level 208 Bera Zero Transcendent EvoLovE Guild
Jun 21 2013 I believe that when you are too far away from a monster, such as 10 lvls above it, you start losing exp. In the video I get 67k, a 193 gets 73k, a 200 gets 42k and a 183 gets a full 104k exp. I believe that the difference is 20 lvls below, 10 lvls above. I did get full exp from Advanced Knight E, which I am only 10 lvls above, and the decay from Advanced Knight D was not that badly decayed.

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lol and they used to give 120-160k exp more or less T-T
Jun 23 2013

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