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Sign Petition: Nexon America to explain the Blocked Accounts

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NAME LIST UPDATED sorry for my long absence x

my account has been unblocked (: with nothing gone and all nx refunded threads closed

As many of you have experienced this problem. Nexon has not replied us nor given any sort of indication that this is a Work In Progress Issue.

I've sent this email to Nexon,

Dear Nexon.
I have tried to be civil about this issue. At least give your customers some sort of indication that you are working on this. Many of Nexon's loyal NX buyers account has been "blocked". Not only did we all bought a lot of Nx, We did not get the refund that was promised, nor did we benefit from your 48hrs unscheduled server maintenance due to the fact that our accounts has been "blocked".
We can not even log into our account to log a ticket.
Is this a temporary measure to ensure the correct NX refund for each person or is this the end?
Many of us did not exploit nor abuse the glitch in any ways, in fact, many of us didn't know about it at all.
As -Hime- from the forum was not of any help, the GM -hime- replies all our forum complaint with the assumption that we have 'abused' the glitch/exploit. Subjective opinions are unacceptable and irresponsible, as GMs are the justice of the game.
Once again,

My account is -name taken out-. I've bought over $1800 of NX, lost track of the amount of money spent on Nexon after a while. My account has been around since 2007. I demand some sort of explanation at the least.
If I can spend this much on a game,
I would absolutely not mind spending more to contact my lawyer and pursue legal action. As of right now, Nexon has 'scammed' my recent charge of $30 with no refund as promised.
Please take your time to reply or resolve this issue.

Loyal Player(s)

Please leave your name in this thread if you are affected by this.
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OT: To the flamers who doesn't understand this situation at all. I am not some spoilt 12 years old, nor am i going to -chuckle- go up to a lawyer and offer him $60 rofl.

back to update the petition list lets make nexon aware of their mistake !
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That's so weird. They refunded some of the nx to my paypal. I have no idea what that means.[/quote]

Yea i ad all mine refunded aswell
Some people are saying that once this happens you wont get un-banned but if thats the case id gladly give all that money back =/
Nov 15 2010
My g.f's acc.-
Nov 15 2010
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