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Sixth hero, eunwol! kmst ver. 1.2.494 Video

By LifeHolder

LifeHolder Level 161 Scania Phantom 4
Dec 30 2013 The story line is great!

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Ichii Level 200 Windia Phantom 4
+2 This is the first time I'm more interested in the storyline than the actual character.
Dec 31 2013
SombraManx Level 204 Zenith Dark Knight
the character seems booooooring on video :S

I though it would look cooler because all those flashy skills

the link skill SUX totally imo...

and the hisroty is so sad
Dec 31 2013
Wanton Level 197 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art Wanton is intoWanton
this guy's storyline makes me so sad ugh
Jan 01 2014
Continuity error: Luminous has the red eye which he only has after absorbing the Black Mage's darkness.
Jan 03 2014

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