Sad Mask
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Skill Screen

By rca2k4

Apr 26 2011 I ono was bord so i decided to do some hand 2 hand combat, it won, jellin enough?

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mathias385 Level 73 KradiaEMS Phantom 3
What the two other guys said... WHAT?
Apr 27 2011
Yeah seriously... what?
Apr 27 2011
Ok i understand that you unequipped your knuckle and punched them but i have no clue what you just said.
Apr 27 2011
It's like you're dancing in front of them?
Apr 27 2011
lilseventeen Level 165 Broa Shadower
Translation: I don't know, I was bored so I decided to do some hand to hand combat (attacking without a weapon). I won, are you jealous?

OT: No, no I am not.
Apr 27 2011
He unequipped the knuckle, fought a memory monk, monk won. "You jelly".
Apr 27 2011
aldo3d Level 180 Khaini Kaiser 4
lol thats like a tail whip xD
Apr 27 2011
That bar thing near your ign is something more to look at
Apr 27 2011

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