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Slash striker Screen

By gameboy224

gameboy224 Level 42 Scania Mechanic 2
Oct 05 2010 I decided to do a bandit custom skill because i already did a sin move

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why is there 4 of you and only 3 hits?
Oct 06 2010
FaTaLP3NGU1N Level 50 Scania F/P Wizard
why is there 4 of you and only 3 hits? [/quote]

Only the shadows attack the monster
Oct 06 2010
Only the shadows attack the monster[/quote]

i think you jump over the monster, hit it a few times and then land backways on the other side, thats what it looks like to me.
Oct 06 2010
rpgmaniak Level 204 Mardia Buccaneer
You make nice skills but PLEASE make the numbers look real, and I don't mean the damage to be realistic, I mean that numbers don't display that way, it's not one big one small number, it's more like a capitalized word, first number big rest small, same for crits, the first number has a special effect.
Other than that, nice job.
Oct 08 2010
Good concept but the afterimages look as if it's at random spots around the cornian.
Make the slash paths aligned towards the afterimages a bit more to make it more believable.
Oct 09 2010

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