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Smithing Level

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lvXBowvl Level 205 Scania Night Lord
What's a best way to increase your smithing lvl upto 12? I figured from lvl 10 u need to craft advanced equipments to gain experience. I don't really want to spend like 1b buying materials for reversed/timless equips, is there any cheaper ways to gain ur smithing lvl?
Posted: October 2014 Permalink


lsharyu Level 90 Bera Blade Lord
very slowly but surely through making 150+ gold android hearts, after you reach level 11 you pretty much only make cubes to level up
Oct 16 2014
KniteX0 Level 238 Galicia Mechanic 4 See what games, anime & art KniteX0 is intoKniteX0
I know some people just make reverse/timeless shoes (low material count, same mastery exp)
Oct 16 2014
archusz Level 201 Scania Bow Master
make heart all kind of heart. if you have the receipes
or search for titanium arrow receipe
Oct 16 2014
KyleHeII007 Level 250 Windia Night Lord
I've been working on this for a few weeks now. not giving it my full effort but I find making timeless equips is probably the most efficient method from experience. If you have the money and/or time to farm a bunch of sup crystals you could make lvl 150 armor/weps with recipes given from madman. Also curious about the titanium arrow method. I have 2 recipes I found and I have been saving up wisdom crystals to make them. Has anyone had a good experience from using this method? if so let me know
Oct 16 2014
RushNY Level 242 Nova Hayato 4
Instead of buying you could always farm the materials yourself. Do all your ToT pres at the same time, and then do pinkbean after for a rock of time. Also become friends with a kanna/beast tamer
Oct 16 2014
FlyChopin Level 180 Scania Kaiser 4
to 10, you can craft arrows. Very easy. at 10, you can either get yourself all the materials for timeless/reverse items. At the same time this gives best exp, the materials are rather pricey. you can also craft gold heart. You can craft as many gold heart as you want with 1 recipe, but only gives 300 exp. from 11, you just craft cube. Do commerci to get cube frag, etc.
Oct 16 2014
epikkhighh Level 218 Scania Blade Master
reverse shoes are the best way. along with making gold hearts. if you dont feel like buying pieces of time to make em.....itll take you quite a while to reach rank 11.
Oct 16 2014

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