Sad Mask
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omisfortuneo Level 206 Scania Blade Master
Oct 05 2010 Uhh.....Turns out quite different...

I just can't draw background... >_>

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evilkaz Level 202 Khaini Corsair
Oct 05 2010
chillyprince Level 175 Scania I/L Wizard
so effin pretty gotta say its really cool looking and very well made
and your char is very beautiful, the red & white theme makes it a bit of a vampire bride maybe?
<3 +1 like ^_^
Oct 05 2010
StupidRob Level 192 Scania Xenon 4
Omg, your new look is so cute, Amy.<33
Loving the red+white theme you have going.
Oct 05 2010
My two fav. colors are black and red, but this picture makes red and white look so beautiful.
Oct 05 2010
NeoG Level 34 Scania Cannoneer 2
:O I saw you yesterday =$ ur account is soo cute *-*
I like it =P
Oct 05 2010
looks evil, but that might how you want it to look like?
Oct 05 2010

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