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So Ive been away since Lhc. What have I missed, Basil?GMS

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I'm not sure how long it's been- feels like a very very long time though, but I've yet again come crawling back to this game.
The release of LHC was the last patch I remember.
What's happened recently?
New places? New classes (I know a tiny bit about them)?
New bosses?
Where are all the higher level players training now?

Thanks for your contributions!
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Yes I am on the same boat as you! Would training my 112 priest be efficient at LHC? (Directed to anyone who can answer)

OT: Sorry I don't have any answers
Feb 02 2012
Eukaraffe Level 136 Windia Mercedes 4
You missed nexon rollbacking and half the ms population raging on basil

Edit: forgot to reply to OT, new classes, revamped adventurers, pq exp modified and monster park added.
Ongoing is evo ring event, dbs/mercs/ds/canoneers are becoming restricted classes
Feb 02 2012
rawritzcynthia Level 210 Bera Luminous 4
uh..since LHC came out? its practically a new game at this point for you even all the town maps changed...Just pretend its a new game and start from the beginning
Feb 02 2012
Eukaraffe Level 136 Windia Mercedes 4
I heard LHC is getting level limit of 160+ after justice
Feb 02 2012
I do remember the towns being revamped, so maybe a little after LHC then.

Dear god, level 275? I thought that was a typo at first... When you say old level 200s, is that **only** old level 200s, or all older characters?

Oh, one more thing, those few becoming restricted classes- does that mean we can still make them, but then they won't be create-able after a certain patch? That's crazy.

@balboa1900, iirc the minimum LHC level is 115, but maybe you'd get away with it because you're a priest.

Can't wait for the download to finish and explore again, thanks for everything so far, guys. Glad I missed the rollback.
Feb 02 2012
geralddino Level 171 Bera Aran 4
I heard LHC is getting level limit of 160+ after justice [/quote]
I dont know who told you that, but that isn't true. It just get revamped and is going to be a theme dungeon, just like mushroom castle, chryse, neo city and kerning square. But I'm not sure it will come to GMS, since LHC is in GMS a party zone, while it is a normal zone in KMS. Only time will tell
Feb 02 2012
Feb 02 2012
Ouhai Level 200 Broa F/P Arch Mage
In order from what I recall:

-new lvl +160 zone (thought currently, high level still train at LHC because there's a hack/glitch that increased monster spawn)

-new lvl 190+ boss: Empress Cygnus

-mystery mastery books now replace finding individual books. it's a mastery book that turns into any random mastery book

-professions (you can mine to collect ores, collect herbs used for mkaing your own potions, and then also craft accessories or create your own gear. replaced the maker skill)

-PVP (Player vs Player. That's right, you can fight people now)

-Silent Crusade quest series and the return of the monster book (now called Crusader Codex)

-A complete revamp of Warrior, Archers, and Mages (they're now a whole lot better then they were, some useless skills were removed, and in some cases, their gameplay changed immensely. I.E f/p arch mages requiring more control instead of spamming now)

-A revamp to PQs and introduction of Monster park. The PQs now give a lot of exp, have awesome rewards, but are now limited to doing them 10 times a day. Monster park is a new party quest that works like LHC. Meaning the more people you have, the more exp you get. There are 3 diffent ranks: lvl 20+, lvl 70+, and lvl 120+. It's like LHC for lower levels. The drawback: you need to get tickets in order to use. You can only buy 3 tickets from the npc a day or hunt pieces of them from any monster and trade them in for full tickets

-Monster Familiars (you find card of monster and they follow you around anf fight for you. some of them also have extra effects when they are summoned, such as recovering 15% hp and mp% constantly, +60% drop, +20 str, etc)

-The Legends update which brings 3 new classes: Cannoneer, Mercedes, and Demon Slayer (cannoneer is a new pirate class that is strong yet slow. it wields a mini cannon as a weapon and has a monkey side kick. Mercedes is a new archer class and the Archer Hero, just like how Aran and Evan are the warrior and mage heroes. They are like some mutant hybrid of an archer and a dual blade since it has ranged attacks and up close melee attacks. Currently they make up most of the archer community. The Demon Slayer is the warrior resitance class. They function similar to an aran except instead of combo, they use a new system called Demon Fury. the Demon Fury takes place of their mp too so they don't need to use mp at all. Plus they can fly and are 3x more mobile than the regular warriors. Currently, they are overpowered and broken (just like how mechs were but worse) They make up about 50% of the entire community (that means they are everywhere)
Feb 02 2012
Haha, thought that was a bit steep.
Can anyone give me a breakdown of Neo City?
Thanks for the link @Dinchman . And @Ouhai , pretty informative sounds like the game's still pretty fun. if you take out the ksing from the funded new classes (which I assume is happening EVERYWHERE)
Feb 02 2012
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