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So Orphaned iron blood Gundam

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lokithestrange Level 70 Khaini Zero Beta
It's like bad Gurren Lagann, I don't really like the characters, the zakus look weird, and the main Gundam has way too thin of a waist

[url=] It's like a toothpick[/url]

The main character has silly name... Mikazuki sounds like Mecha-Zuki, which makes me think his real name is just Zuki, but they puch Mecha infront of it because he pilots a robot (IE MECHA-SHIVA or MECHA-ZAWA)

I did like the old guy in the Zaku, representing the honor of the old gundams or whatever. A shame he died so quickly.
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zoneflare4 Level 186 Windia Paladin
The English VAs are trying too hard when saying mikazuki. It's like they are trying to say Mika then zuki instead of making it flow together. As for the series it does reach like a 4-5 episode lull in the middle so be prepared for that. It will pick up after that.
Jul 08 2016

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