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So apparently cooking things are bad for you

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aerial Level 213 Scania Beginner

I can't even enjoy grilled meat, roasted chicken, nuts, butter, cheese and billions of other things on this list:

or I suffer from pre-maturing aging, inflammation, oxidative stress, collagen stiffness, protein turnover resistance, and wrinkles.

rip in pepperonis because i used to eat like a slice of pizza everyday in my freshman year of college.

life why do thou have to be so cruel

and god forbid you eat more than one strip of bacon. that's like a death sentence in AGE levels.
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aerial Level 213 Scania Beginner

"The fact that the modern diet is a large source of AGEs is now well-documented (3,7,13). Because it had previously been assumed that dietary AGEs (dAGEs) are poorly absorbed, their potential role in human health and disease was largely ignored. However, recent studies with the oral administration of a single AGE-rich meal to human beings as well as labeled single protein-AGEs or diets enriched with specific AGEs such as MG to mice clearly show that dAGEs are absorbed and contribute significantly to the body's AGE pool (14-16)."

"As mentioned before, foods rich in both protein and fat, mostly of animal origin, and cooked at high and dry heat, such as in broiling, grilling, frying, and roasting, tend to be the richest dietary sources of AGEs, whereas low-fat, carbohydrate-rich foods tend to be relatively low in AGEs."

"AGEs are important in clinical science because they are associated with OS and inflammation, processes that eventually cause most chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease (CKD), and neurodegenerative diseases"

Obviously I was speaking in hyperbole when I said cooking things are bad for you and it makes you die. But there's no denying that eating things like oven-roasted meat/chicken too frequently will contribute to chronic inflammation. And inflammation is pretty much the #1 cause in aging and age-related diseases.

you know how browning the meat/roasting nuts/grilling the chicken makes them incredibly tasty versus just cooking them in gentle low heat? that's known as the Maillard reaction. apparently this reaction very slowly happens in our body as well because of the sugar, fat and protein present. and the end result is glycation of cells (AGEs). This increases with age, binds to every cell in your body and accumulates over time. there's two major ways you can contribute to this process. letting your blood sugar go out of control (untreated diabetes) so that the sugar needed for the malliard reaction to happen in your body is abundant. Or... eating food already high in AGE (the end product of the malliard reaction) which according to these studies and many more, is pretty much indistinguishable to our body from the naturally produced AGEs.

And this isn't some pseudo science hipster diet bs like the gluten free movement. There are literally hundreds of studies researching and proving the nasty effects of dietary AGEs.
Apr 06 2017
beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
God you sound like a liberal women in her late 20s. Are you searching for the next 'miracle food'? Quinoa and kale not good enough for you?

Just go get tapeworms then or salmonella like the guy above me said. Like I said, exercise is more important than diet when it comes to weight/fat loss.
Or just go vegan, livestock is a growing issue and is #1(?) in habitat destruction (and by subtracting the cut down trees that took out CO2, can potentially be a bigger contributor to global warming than automobiles.)
Apr 06 2017
aerial Level 213 Scania Beginner
@beefly: First of all, this isn't even remotely related to weight or fat loss. So I don't even know why are you are bringing that up.

And also, avoiding eating grilled/bbq meat, butter and bacon everyday doesn't mean you have to eat meat raw. Again, it's not that hard to understand that I was exaggerating when I said cooking things are bad for you if you even read anything about my post.

No, I am not searching for the next miracle food. But I am not ignorant enough like you to trivialize a major health implication in our diet that modern science has recently uncovered just because it sounds too "health conscious". Because god forbid I can't eat my bbq everyday and feel good about it.
Apr 06 2017
wellness Level 199 Mardia Phantom 4 Justaway Guild
Well, the way I see it, the problem is we don't know if the methods they employed are 100% accurate, and we don't know how the stuff will really affect us. Also, the list isn't extensive enough. People have different cooking methods and ingredients for their food. How will we really know what's optimal and if our bodies are inflammed?
Apr 06 2017
ecarina Level 243 Galicia Cannoneer 4
@beefly: Kale has a high oxalate content, which can contribute to the formation of kidney stones.
Source: my doctor told me to avoid kale (among other things).
Nothing is 100% good for you.
Apr 06 2017
aerial Level 213 Scania Beginner
@beefly: That's such a flawed logic. Everything has something wrong with it. Of course. But that doesn't mean you can't be aware of things that are worse for you. Instead, let's turn a blind eye and choose to ignore the facts because that's just more convenient. Fk trying to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. That's so "vegan and gaga like".

Again, you are just trying to trivialize this instead of having an actual discussion.
Apr 07 2017
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