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So how do feel about Nxn handling this exploit

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dizinaro Level 144 Broa Kaiser 4
Too lenient? Unfair? Justified? Etc?
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savaah Level 210 Demethos Kinesis 4
doesnt affect me so i dont really mind
Jul 24 2016
lemasnatorme Level 210 Bera Bow Master
+2 Lenient for sure, but I imagine if any action will be taken, it'll be taken in the upcoming week.

Last time people were perma'd just for being in contact with the exploiter, if they aren't this time I'll be amazed. Though I don't think unaware players should be banned, the items should be deleted for sure.
Jul 24 2016
lemasnatorme Level 210 Bera Bow Master
@evenings: Exploit that allowed anyone who had the "Selectable Cube Coupon" item to get infinite cubes. Been around for over a year, but pretty under-the-rug.
Jul 24 2016
evenings Level 200 Windia Aran 4 See what games, anime & art evenings is intoEvenings
@lemasnatorme: Oh this is my first time participating in a hot time in a long time so cube coupons are new to me
Jul 24 2016
vipdabes Level 220 Mardia Kaiser 4
They had to execute in this fashion to protect legit player interests and to wait for further planning.

I'm sure this was just a quick fix to get the server back online and players back into 2x. If anything, I'm sure they're gonna investigate much further into this to try to mitigate future problems such as these.
Jul 24 2016
episode Level 231 Windia Zero Transcendent See what games, anime & art episode is intoEpisode
I feel as if a permanent ban is too harsh for abusing a simple exploit anyone can simply do.

They keep hurting the f2p fan base by removing the trade-able crafting cubes out of the system,
the hell do they expect?

Many people were tempted to do this, and got the worst off the book.

Even GM Artasi said at one point they felt like this was too extreme for handing out permanent bans.

As I quote GM Artasi, *"we feel that there has been a lack of consistency in how we take action
on accounts that are found guilty of participating in exploits.
Until we have concrete policies put in place, we believe that handing out permanent bans for abuse of exploits is too extreme"*

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Jul 24 2016
lemasnatorme Level 210 Bera Bow Master
@episode: Haha, I've been telling this to GM's (I was banned for the exploit along with many of my friends, which I care more about them getting unbanned than I) for just over 5 months, and they don't give a damn, sadly.
Jul 24 2016
littletlk Level 201 Broa Beginner

A permanent ban is maybe too harsh, but there should be consequences for those that abused.
Jul 24 2016
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