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So, how much have you guys spent on Maple?

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I'm going to be straight foward here and say it, you can call me whatever you like, I know it's bad to waste money on pixels. But just like ciggarretes or alcahol, Maple Story is like a mental drug, addicting and pretty much milks us of our time, effort and money.
I've spent over 1k USD on this game, give or take, and I will spend alot more.

So now to ask the rest of the community, how much money have YOU all spent on MS?
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I don't keep record of my nx purchases, but I limit myself to 50k each month,
25k a month normally regardless if I need it or not.
Jan 26 2011
Spent: $25
Got 80k from Surveys
Jan 26 2011
0 until i get my own credit card then its gonna be around where you are right now
Jan 26 2011
you people disgust me.

4+ years and not a penny.

i get my nx from the mts. also i've never bought any decorative item from the cash shop (besides a pet, but i got it for the item puch/meso magnet)

learn some self control damn
Jan 26 2011
For two months, 49$ (Canadian Dollars)
Also many many maaaany hours of my life.
Jan 26 2011
around 400$ =P but it makes me feel better that others spent a lot to.

I thought i was the only one!

EDIT: I've been playing maple since it started
Jan 26 2011
Used at least 30-60 bucks a paycheck depending if i have enough for my bills xD
Jan 26 2011
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