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So hows Ems lately

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Hi people, I might go back playing Maple Europe again. But first I want to know how the servers are right now, I've read and seen that there are still some problems on content but is that a real problem? Like, "Nexon just broke the game" problem?
If not I might consider playing casual since some of my friends decided to play again.

Thank you...
Posted: June 2013 Permalink

So hows Ems lately

37%3 / 8Yes the game is broken...(explain in comments please)
50%4 / 8It's still playable. (explain in comments please)
0%0 / 8It's all good, no problems at all. (explain in comments please)
12%1 / 8LEAVE NOW AND NEVER COME BACK.. (no explanations needed)


Alyssaur Level 130 Khaini Beginner
I recently started playing EMS and from my limited experience I would say the game is playable-- it's no less broken than GMS was the last time I played that. Anyway, I'm enjoying myself for the most part. About the only issue I seem to be having is this wonky town lag.
Jun 09 2013
If you can play a version of maple that is not Ems for the love of god do so.
Jun 10 2013
It's much more dead than it used to be.[/quote]

You mean people quitted on ems....That's mostly a bad sign.
Jun 10 2013
**MUCH** much much quieter on EMS than it used to be. I'm probably going to quit again (started again last month) - it's so dull.
Jun 12 2013
Serenoss Level 202 KradiaEMS Night Lord
I still find it playable.
Jun 19 2013

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