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So many good events to hunt monsters, does evo count?

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In the new patch notes, there are quite a few good events with awesome rewards. Some of the events require you to kill monsters within your level range, so many question is: would evo count?

Also what about dimension pq? If not, what are some good places with really good spawn?
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FamilyOuting Level 127 Galicia Kaiser 4
I don't remember evo lab monsters counting for attendance, but they drop event items like boxes.
Jan 22 2014
Dimensional Invasion should work for most items, but the only way to be sure is to test it after the update.
Jan 22 2014
LitheMovement Level 176 Bellocan Night Lord
Di seems to apply more often than evo. You could always farm at regular monsters on a Kanna or something.
Jan 22 2014
mla123 Level 202 Renegades Night Lord
Attendance works for Evo and boxes but it just depends on the event for the item to drop because the bells for the owing ghost dropped in Evo but the box from a couple events ago didn't drop in Evo
Jan 22 2014
160+ go to the last map of ToT, lots of mobs with good spawn. Evo link 3 for drop quests.
Jan 22 2014
Kyo1135 Level 210 Scania Dark Knight Boundless Guild
160+ go to the last map of ToT, lots of mobs with good spawn. Evo link 3 for drop quests.[/quote]

What if youre like me and havnt done the ToT questline >.> Can i still go there
Jan 22 2014
Dimensional Invasion usually drops all the event items.
Jan 22 2014

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