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So my friend is an ass

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Well not exactly. So i am interested in this girl and now he is also after i told him i am going after this girl for prom. God damn.

now i have to take quicker action then i would like.
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proplayer Level 115 Broa Battle Mage 3
Jan 18 2012
Lol whoever is better looking will get the girl.

Unless one of you have the best personality.
Jan 18 2012
Good luck with that.
Jan 18 2012
Who else read this as "my friend is in an ass" ?
because I sure did.
Jan 18 2012
Some 'friend'. Well take this as your initiative to move faster and just go for it.
Jan 18 2012
Boonyboonboon Level 66 Galicia Aran 2
Great so called friend you have there, just ask the girl to pron asap
Jan 18 2012
Obviously you'll win, why would the girl want to go to the prom with a donkey?

@above I chuckled.
Jan 18 2012
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