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So this random black kid came up to me

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hmongshaman Level 184 Bera Shadower
Don't you hate it when other random people(non-asian) come up to you and they do that asian bow with their hands together. It gets annoying sometimes from an asian person perspective.
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staplemory Level 20 Yellonde Battle Mage 1
Take that chance to kick his balls since he wants to accept a karate match
Jun 28 2017
killeem Level 158 Reboot Aran 4
that sht is annoying as fuuuck

i've already stuck 3 people for saying / doing racist ass sht like that.
Jun 28 2017
wellness Level 199 Mardia Phantom 4 Justaway Guild
You can try to look at it from another perspective.
Jun 28 2017
xdarkshynobi Level 204 Scania Blade Master
In Japan I do it. Why the hell does it even offend you. Your not even in Asia. Doing the bow wouldnt even fit social norm anyways.
Jun 28 2017
readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
@xdarkshynobi: Because it's a stereotype.

You'd be offended if I were to be stereotypical about you, your race and culture. But then again you get offended by lesser things, you snowflake.
Jun 28 2017
xdarkshynobi Level 204 Scania Blade Master
@readers: Hmong people don't even do a "bow". From what I know they are mountain people. Who were orgiinally cut off from other societies up until a few decades ago.

Everyone knows it's a stereotype fkn sht head.
Jun 28 2017
distantsky Level 205 Khaini Marksman See what games, anime & art distantsky is intoDistantSky
They are cringeworthy, but you are even more cingeworthy for being triggered by something so petty
Jun 29 2017
hmongshaman Level 184 Bera Shadower
@distantsky: wouldn't you if a black guy comes up to you and kisses each side of your cheek? I think Spanish people do that in their culture.
Jun 30 2017
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