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So where's the Full SP reset petition?

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Before this gets further misunderstood, I mean ALL characters on ALL accounts get their skills reset. Not the one scroll to clean up ONE character.

Yes, I'm aware we get an SP reset scroll during that event, but that's not enough and not fair. I'm curious as to if someone wrote a petition already or if I should write one up right now.

Yeah we got a few skill points depending on if skills got changed or altered, but it's not the same. Some people are still left with builds that they would rather alter for new ideas. A full reset would grant people a small chance. This just seems like we're being forced to buy SP reset scrolls and that's ridiculous.

So, if someone has a link to a petition (On Basil) give me that. If not, I'll write up a full petition and leave basil to "sign" it.
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All of my SP on all of my 7 characters? It didn't read like that.
Dec 08 2010
Srurtuphr Level 218 Scania I/L Arch Mage See what games, anime & art Srurtuphr is intoSrurtuphr
Uh, yeah that's a scroll that resets all your skills, not 1 SP.
EDIT: Oh, you're asking if every character can get one.
Not really sure, and I doubt petitioning to Nexon will make any difference.
Dec 08 2010
Yo, instead of being an ass when someone answers your question, you could've made your thread state exactly what you wanted to know. I answered the question you asked.[/quote]
That really wasn't intended to sound confrontational, and I'm sorry you read it that way. Try reading it with a softer tone. It wasn't sarcasm, it was a question; "A scroll to clean up all characters?" Then a statement refering to the event; "It didn't read like that."
Dec 08 2010
luklessdave Level 100 Khaini Battle Mage 3
No, no me gusta no
Dec 08 2010
Im pretty sure the event means every1 who logs on during that time gets a free sp reset but the scroll is if you mess up[/quote]

No. not all skills were reset.
Like for me i have maxed out iron body which is completely useless.
You only get back SP from stats they removed. So technically people already messed up b/c of a partial sp reset
Dec 08 2010
StiKman19 Level 171 Windia Kaiser 4
Suck it up, it's Nexon.
Dec 08 2010
@lukless dave
LOL this has nothing to do with it, but that comment made me actually laugh.
Dec 08 2010
Foopi Level 200 Scania Mihile 4
There is a [url=]Petition on the Nexon Forums[/url].
Dec 08 2010
That's for that, and I'll sign it, but I'll write one here for Basil as well then.
Dec 08 2010
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