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Some Wa questions mostly about gearing

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cookiebagz Level 126 Broa Wind Archer 4

So my WA is nearly 150 and I've already got some perfect 70% spell traced CRA pieces (thank you fever time) for when I do hit 150.
Was just wondering what I should do about the rest? Should I just buy a bow that's been spell traced nicely? (I've seen some for ~100mill around fm)
And what other accessories/capes/belts etc should I be getting? Is the boss set okay for now?

And an unrelated q: what do you guys do about having no stance? I find bossing really annoying sometimes, esp when you're getting knocked back and forth - slowly working on my mihile but even then its link skill has a cooldown :

Thanks for all your help!
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catthewhale Level 151 Galicia Phantom 4
Make ur own spell traced fafnir bow.try and 30% it if u have enough mesoes. then get reinforced gollux belt and pendant(slowly work towards the ring), then perfrct ur gollux gear. During that time, get the boss set of 6. Then get epic pots for ur gear and farm cubes from bossing. Getting 6% dex on all should take a month or 2, and thatll get you to 300k-ish buffed
Sep 27 2015

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