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7mil Level 200 Chaos Corsair
All this money we put into our accounts.... but is it truly worth it?
When the servers shut down and the company closes our accounts get deleted.

Let it sink it, how do you feel?
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icemage11 Level 159 Bellocan I/L Arch Mage
@crazypoorer: Except I never went around saying spending money on MS is stupid or anything like that. You misunderstood my point about your example. For someone making 120k a year, I get the impression that they're probably businessmen or healthcare professionals or whatever but they tend to be older players. Of course, there are older age players but the majority is teenagers without a doubt. Not going to lie, I have a little problem with middle or high schoolers spending 1k a month but I don't go around making threads to bash them, put them down, or get in their face about how they should spend their money.
Sep 18 2013
@icemage11: Sorry if you misunderstood, but that last paragraph wasn't aimed at you. It was aimed at the general public who condemn spending money on MS.
Sep 18 2013
feelmypain Level 36 Bera Cannoneer 2
ya, when the internet close down, we r gonna lose everything.
Sep 18 2013
yukinariyuki Level 168 Galicia Wild Hunter 4
lol, ive never spent anything on this game
i like going to school and getting educated
Sep 18 2013
@NoobHaxor: Again, I thought I heard a NoobHaxor speaking, but it was that same dirty fly.
Sep 18 2013
SilverFoxR Level 200 Bera Hero
If you plan on spending real money on the game, ask yourself one thing - do you feel it's worth it?

Even if the game does shut down eventually, if you felt it was worth spending the money at the time, there's nothing really to regret, is there?
Sep 18 2013
they say money doesnt buy happiness but truly you do need money to be happy, the computer we have and the tv we watch all contribute to part of our happiness
Sep 18 2013
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