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Spiderman for PS4

I haven't played spiderman since that old one on the PS1, how is it? Is it as good as everyone says it is or does the fun die down quickly? I fe...

Excited for any games this year?


There's many games I will probably get this year, but only 1 I will likely get at release, which is God Of War (4), I'm thinking maybe in a ...

what would you do?


i have this fancy Arcade Style controller for PS3 (a special edition made for Street Fighter IV), i have sold it on eBay, which was a big mistake as t...

How to turn any gamepad game into 3D RPG or quot3D Maplestoryquot

I found this maxaim ps4 key imput so you can place jump on shift and attack around your maplestory game keys as well as pick up or loot items on the 0...

Best game of 2017?


Im wondering what you guys think is the best game of 2017 For me its Horizon Zero Dawn hands down; but ive also played Nioh and enjoy it (haven'...

Games becoming digital only


Who else besides me will hate when all games eventually get released in digital only format? I like being able to sell games when im done with them, ...

I finally bought Skyrim


Does that make me really weird given how popular this game is and how long its been out? I purchased the ps4 version for only $20 on ebay, Walmart st...

Why does anybody still buy xbox?


Xbox has all of 3 exclusives I can name; and the only good one is Gears of War (Halo Sucks and Forza is only for a certain kind of racing game fan); m...

Anybody getting Horizon Zero Dawn?


It's coming out next week and since I very rarely buy games close to release and it's been a couple years, and I got a Samsung SUHD TV (and ...

Short Portal Guide for Shadows of Evil in CoD

Hello to all the CoD players out there. I have been playing Zombies a lot lately. The Shadows of Evil map mostly. In my time spent learning the map I&...

Anyone play overwatch?


Add me on psn if you wanna play with me aiight? User name is RealFraud. And check out my song

am i the only one annoyed by Sony and Microsoft?


They keep putting out new systems when i havent even had their lost recent one for long. First they release the PS4 a couple years before originally ...

Call of duty black ops 3

1 anyone that wants to play bo3 and maple add me up...

Call of duty black ops 3

Hey guys im gonna be uploading ps4 black ops 3 gameplay on my channel as well as maplestory so heres my gameplay

Solving Bloodborne


Even with all of these lore and story explanation videos I always feel like it's not adding up, like we're totally missing the big picture and the rea...

Naruto Storm 4

What's up guys! Does anyone have this game for ps4? Check out this video of my friend and I fighting. We're pretty evenly matched so it's always fun t...

Ratchet and Clank PS4 annoys me


Ok, first of all i just want to say that i dont hate the remake, its actually quite a delight, but there are some things that i think should have been...

Best fighting games?


I already have my favorites but I'm purely just curious as to what everyone else here thinks? Only one I have not played before was the new Street Fi...

am i asking too much or are people cheap?

I finally got around to listing my ps3 on eBay; i haven't actually played it for any length of time in months since i got a ps4 Its the limited edit...

Mirrors Edge Catalyst new trailer

Dunno if this is a waste of my time since it's a niche game but for those of you who are like me and love Mirror's Edge, they just released a brand ...

im getting a PS4 BUNDLE soon


Bundles have come down in price a little and i csn get the new guitar hero for free whfn i buy a bundle at BJs, so i guess soon is as good a time as a...

Australian version of games, any difference?


Hi there, I bought a PS4 about a month ago, and I need some games. There are a few games I want to buy, COD ghosts being one of them I've had a loo...

Borderlands 2 HC


Can anyone help me kill Terramorphous? It's the last side quest I need and I can't bring my Siren into it because it's on the same account. PS4...

what are your favorite ps4 games?


Primarily in the $35 and less range as thats pretty much the most i will spend on a ps4 game, with very few exceptions I will probably get Assassi...

PlayStation Plus Questions


I'm getting a ps4 soon and I heard you need a PlayStation Plus to play online, like Xbox Live. Is it true and how much is it?...

is anyone by chance a gamestop Pur pro member?


feels kinda weird to ask this online, but there was a game i wanted to buy at gamestop for $59.99. i have a few games that i wanted to trade in for th...

should i buy


matel gear solid phantom pain or nah :D...

Kingdom Hearts Ii.8


so Kingdom Hearts II.8 was [url=]announced a couple of days ago[/url] im personally hyped for Kingdom Heart...

Steins Gate Zero


New ad featuring the opening theme and story details. That song is amazing, I can't wait for the western release

Used Ps4 for 210 - Worth it?


I have a good gaming PC, but I am still considering this