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Soul Glitch

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Draception Level 210 Scania Luminous 4
So it seems that I've found a glitch that allows you to get any soul you want, with only 1 soul.

How it works:

Prerequisites: have absolutely 0 slots left in your USE tab, get 10 of any soul shard, and go to a place where there are use items that you can pick up (probably a place where a boss has just dropped pots or something).

The Glitch:
First, get ya shards out. For this example, I'll use hilla's shards.
Double click the 10 shards, and click accept.
This will open a window that says what soul you received.
However, if one of your pets happens to pick up something (like a recipe or potion dropped by hilla) then you'll have no use slots that can hold this new soul.
Click accept, and murgoth will now tell you that you need slots for the soul.
Your 10 shards are returned to you, and you can retry again to see if you get the magnificent soul.

My experience:
I was doing a hilla run on my luminous just yesterday, and I finally got my 10th hilla shard.
After I used the 10 shards, murgoth told me that I didnt have enough slots to hold the new soul, so i threw a pot away.
Then I used it again, and he said that I recieved a LUK hilla soul. (Which sux cuz I wanted the int one).
Before clicking accept, I noticed that my pet decided to randomly walk over and pick up a recipe that hilla dropped.
Once it picked it up, I had no more slots to hold the LUK hilla soul, so the 10 shards were returned!
I removed the recipe, double clicked the shards again, and boom, I received an INT soul!
And I kept it, woot!

Once again, not sure if this has been discovered before, but I just wanted to share my experience cuz its pretty cool.

  • Edit*
For those of you who think this is basically useless:
If done correctly, you can actually collect the first soul if its the one you've wanted in the first place.
There is a 1-2 second delay between the time when you first get the soul and when the pet walks over to get a potion or something.
If you're quick enough you can accept the first soul before the slot closes (this happened to me- forgot to mention it).
And that would basically lead into an infinite number of retries
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Draception Level 210 Scania Luminous 4
Hi Azim [/quote]

hi megan LOL
Mar 24 2015
flygon123445 Level 140 Scania Kanna 4
arent you over 200? dont you have use inventory expansions? i have like 5x/8x used use inventory slots, rarely i am out of room lol
Mar 24 2015
Erag0n1 Level 211 Bera Evan 10th Growth
arent you over 200? dont you have use inventory expansions? i have like 5x/8x used use inventory slots, rarely i am out of room lol[/quote]

That is arbitrary. I'm over lvl 200 and have maxed slots in most tabs but I still am almost always running out of space or full (storage is almost maxed and always full too).
And I try to keep it clean too. Most of it is just nick nacks to sell though
Mar 24 2015
SlashNStab Level 224 Scania Dark Knight
Meanwhile, holding onto 55 Hilla Soul shards (Currently using STR)
Mar 24 2015
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