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Spear And Pole Arms Attack Speeds

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asianhustler Level 190 Bellocan Hero
I've heard that the speeds of spears or pole arms with a weapon attack speed of
7 (slow) will be increased to 6 (normal).
Is this true? If so, when will this be happening?
During union (2nd week of march) would be a good guess, but I can't find the note that says this speed change on
orange mushroom's blog or shakar96's blog.
(Perhaps I skimmed over it), but just to make sure, I'm asking here
So, would anyone know or be able to attach a link to the comments?
Posted: February 2012 Permalink


RadiantSnipe Level 210 Zenith Aran 4
I dont know for other warriors, but for aran polearm mastery increases weapon speed by 1 after the revamp
Feb 26 2012
janny1993 Level 225 Scania Blade Master
Search harder, I know it was somewhere there in the orange mushroom blog...

I'm too lazy to search for it at the moment and I don't have the obligation of searching it for you.
Search for it yourself.
But I can assure you, that information is true indeed.

@Drk4life: Wrong, your ski won't get any faster... they are only increasing the speed of all the spears to normal (6) speed.
Feb 26 2012
rushed Level 200 Bera Dark Knight EvoLovE Guild
Hello @asianhustler : ,
It is true. However, it only applies to spear attacking speeds.
It'll be during the 2nd part of Union. (Alliance Rising was the first part).
Hope this helped,
Feb 26 2012
asianhustler Level 190 Bellocan Hero
Thank you very much for all of your help c: (Everyone who has posted so far)
Will be locking thread now
Feb 26 2012

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