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Special Mastery book

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Alfiepoo1 Level 200 Windia Beast Tamer Cat
I'm not new to MS, but i haven't really cared much for my characters until now lol. I just advanced to a pally, and i would like to know which special mastery book to get from the tempest shop. If anyone can help, it would be highly appreciated. Ir are Pally books cheap to buy? (doubt it) BTW idk if it helps, but my character is in Windia.
Posted: January 2013 Permalink


SasoriBankai Level 142 Broa Paladin
Someone in Broa was selling them all for 2 mil a piece. Needless to say I bought him out
I usually dont see them going for to high though.
Jan 29 2013
Chubsin Level 170 Khaini Night Lord
Paladin books are, for the most part, really cheap. If you've already gathered the coins or are just too lazy to go out and look for books like I am, just pick blast or something useful.
Jan 29 2013
Alfiepoo1 Level 200 Windia Beast Tamer Cat
Okay, cool. Thanks!
Jan 30 2013

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