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Spell Trace Fever, join the fun or no?

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jeff12 Level 191 Scania Luminous 4
I currently have a Fafnir Mana Cradle with 299 matk with 12 stars. I scrolled and enhanced last year with chaos scrolls, I know bad choice. Since Spell Trace fever is around the corner, should I redo my weapon or just buy a already scrolled one? Using 15% seems basically impossible and with a bunch of clean slates, I would wipe out all my mesos. I am fairly unfunded and trying to fund my range up. What should I do? Should I even use any safety scrolls?
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camptree Level 203 Kradia I/L Mage
You said you're unfunded. It's cheaper to just 70% it. The 95% chance + whatever bonus % you have from diligence will mean you will most likely pass all the scrolls. If you don't, innocent scroll your weapon (much cheaper than clean slating) and rescroll.
Aug 12 2016
mudkippiratez Level 240 Scania Angelic Buster 4 See what games, anime & art mudkippiratez is intoMudkipPiratez
@chopin: Then tell me how I failed a "supposed" 100% rate with 70% spell traces during fever with level 50 diligence

The highest chance you can get is 99% chance with enhancement mastery guild skill. 70%->95% + 4% = 99%
Aug 12 2016
jaytokyo Level 204 Bera Blade Master
@mudkippiratez: Ask a gm to end the dispute lol. No one has truly been able to confirm if diligence does or doesn't affect traces.
Aug 12 2016
bigbater Level 150 Scania Bishop
i asked a gm once and he said diligence should work with spell traces. (will look for screenshot later)
Aug 12 2016
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