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Spinner Coupon Chair Possibilities

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tashie Level 207 Reboot Beast Tamer Bear Tipsy Guild
Figured since I know a lot of people asking what kinda chairs you can get from this even why not make a thread and have people post? That way we can see which ones are available ;3
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samusaranz Level 213 Galicia Kaiser 4
I got an oh my empress chair from a purple box. My friends also got a black kitty camper chair.
Oct 21 2016
tashie Level 207 Reboot Beast Tamer Bear Tipsy Guild
pretty sure i've spun over 100+ times too ;c lmao my most halloween-ish one is the Rip one with the ghost lol have no idea what the name of it is tho
Oct 21 2016
xtagg Level 213 Mardia Aran 4
Give me a ghost ship chair nexon :'c
Oct 21 2016
miriam Level 148 Windia F/P Arch Mage
I got a starry night chair from the modest box and pink bean chair from the great box. Those are the only ones I haven't seen in @stoker 's screenshots.

EDIT: Bunny chair from modest.
Teatime with Madeleine -can't remember where.
Demonic birthday from ultra.
Oct 22 2016
crazyholz Level 214 Windia Bishop Zinnia Guild See what games, anime & art crazyholz is intoHollie
So far I have got the below chairs. I will update the list when I use more coupons.

Modest box:
Red Designer Chair
Mechanical Chair
Pink Beach Parasol Chair
Bamboo Chair
Blue Spin Hat Moon Bunny Cushion
Red Spin Hat Moon Bunny Cushion
Swing on the Persimmon Tree
Passionate Red Potion Chair
Refreshing Blue Potion Chair
Mysterious Power Elixir Chair
Strong Wooden Chair
Noblesse Chair
The Porcelain Throne
Male Desert Rabbit Cushion
The Relaxer
Blue Dragon Chair
Red Dragon Chair
Soul Teddy Chair
Elven Throne
Navy Velvet Sofa
Sky-blue Wooden Chair
Palm Tree Beach Chair
Crystalline Dream

Zombie Damage Skin

Great box:
Pink Bean Chair
Jeweled Maple Chair
Drill Machine Chair

Ultra box:
R.I.P. Chair
Arkarium Storytime Chair
Oh My Empress
Hilla's Style Maker

Halloween Ring
Halloween Pendant
Oct 22 2016

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