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Spring is here Screen

By Minurah

Apr 16 2012 Oh hi there.
So recently, I got an urge to start a drawing...inspired by Spring. (Yay) I was experimenting with coloring, mainly with the hair. For those who are wondering, she is wearing a chiffon top (so it is slightly transparent) with a bandeau underneath. I just wanted to change it up, and it seemed to fit the season. .. This hair is not out yet, but I thought it would be fun to draw. Yes...I need to work on that anatomy. -3-
While creating this, I decided not draw people who requested. ;-; I think I have lost track of those requests, so I'm thinking if you guys still want one, just PM me. I'll select one person, based on interest. AND. Warning: I do not know how long it will take.
And ALSO. ^^ Done on SAI Paint Tool. No tablet so I used a mouse instead. (I'm still looking forward to buying a tablet in the future.. maybe?)
Used vector layers and pen tool. Original size is 1500x1888.
I think this is more than I usually write. ._. ANYWAYS... Hope you all enjoy this drawing too.~

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This is so pretty.
Apr 16 2012
PositiveGlow Level 200 Broa F/P Arch Mage
Wow the colors look so nice~
I love the hair!
Apr 16 2012
Wow probably one of the best I've ever looked at.
Apr 16 2012
Eyes could be softer - less black. :-)The black line used to outline the body could also be a lighter colour.
And lastly, it's almost like the eyebrows form a unibrow - because they're so close to each other.
I like the drawing very much. If you wanted to follow the avatar you created completely, then good job.
Apr 16 2012
br3ndan Level 174 Scania Kaiser 4
Apr 16 2012

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