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supernova2131 Level 135 Mardia Dark Knight
Hey there everyone! I decided today to move from Mardia over to Scania. I'm mostly doing it for the fresh experience, starting from the very bottom and such. I came here today to ask you, if you were to start off fresh, which character would you roll?

This will determine my choice in the end. I've played every class in the game [Except the pirates, I can't do those (Sorry Pirate Mains)], so I'm quite indecisive as to which to roll. Also, I'll probably be looking to make friends and join a guild once I'm established, so I'll be looking forward to that too. But without further ado, let the discussions begin!

TL;DR - Talk about which class you would pick to start from 0, I'll be choosing the most popular (Or if indecisive, I'll pick a random class mentioned via number generator).
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Sammi Level 212 Scania Evan 10th Growth
I would start with bishop, its an adventurer class so you can transfer NX items if you play a different adventure. Also you can meet a lot of people because you're needed all the time, hopefully some of those people become good friends. Smooth sailing to 200 if you hit 165. You can job change to il or fp if you get bored. Btw add me I'm always looking to add people onto my bl.
Nov 14 2014
ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
add me too MegaBytess
Nov 14 2014
roflcopter79 Level 191 Scania Shadower
You can add me on Assassynate
Nov 14 2014
Simfel Level 224 Scania Kaiser 4 Studio Guild
If I were to start from square one, bishop would be my primary choice. HS will get you many connections, and you can switch to a more damage-oriented class once you reach your desired level. "Training" will consist mostly of sitting/standing in an elevated position, so pot consumption will be next to none. Feel free to buddy/PM me if you're planning on playing in Scania for the long run. The only things you'll have to re-learn are the FM prices, and which names are trustable (and those that are not).
Nov 14 2014
lienadam Level 140 Scania Buccaneer
Mmmm You can add me! i just moved to Scania from Mardia about a week ago! *Starts tweakin* But yeah I reccommend Bishop or Kanna if you wanna make friends
Nov 14 2014
Topographic Level 173 Scania F/P Arch Mage Involve Guild
You can add me-Dungeoned
I would pick an easy to fund class?
Nov 14 2014
SlyBeing Level 144 Scania Xenon 4 See what games, anime & art SlyBeing is intoSlyBeing
I just rolled a nightwalker, got to 103 ish but you can add me, I need some friends since i've only got one or two
Nov 14 2014
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