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Stop with the Zakum Solos

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You guys are 6 months late, so just stop with the zakum seconds solo videos...
Posted: April 2013 Permalink


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TheTot Level 120 Windia Kanna 4
Or you could, I don't know, let people do what they want with the game and their video recording program and you could, I don't know, not watch it if you're not interested.
Apr 04 2013
Karkinos Level 150 Scania Bow Master
Inb4 Keviqn: Why do you care?
Apr 04 2013
squire7766 Level 200 Bera Paladin
Stop being poor.[/quote]

You look like you're frowning.
Apr 04 2013
Ecyz Level 210 Reboot Thunder Breaker 4
Perhaps hes mad he can't get in[/quote]
Anyone can enter Zakum whenever they want, regardless if they have fillers or if someone is already using that channel.
Apr 04 2013
ziocx Level 156 Scania Hayato 4
stop doing Zakum solo?...That a huge part of the game. don't know where you been buddy
Apr 04 2013
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