Sad Mask
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I got a damn carpet for my birthday. Seriously, wtf? Then I got drunk af and passed out, woke up and now I'm typing this story. It was pretty cool that Castlevania stuff is in Smash Ultimate. James Rolfe would probably main Simon now. Was disappoint to not see the very beautiful Shanoa. Sucks that Alucard is an Assist Trophy. Damn, Sakurai planned for Chrom to be in Smash Ultimate since that Lucina, Captain Falcon and Robin trailer for Smash 4. He knew the Wii U was going to suck and be discontinued, and since the 3DS couldn't handle Ice Climbers, he really did save all the good stuff for Ultimate. Now Chrom finally gets his chance, although he already did in FE Warriors. Can Lucina please kill herself already? So annoying... WE'RE ALL TIRED OF MARTH CLONES! Surprisingly, she's a damn clone of Chrom in FE Warriors. Chrom and Marth play differently in FE Warriors. That girl has an identity crisis, dood. How about that Lab server, that was a present from stank-ass nexon America too, right? No, it's horrible. What's with all these drops? So many crap on the ground! And why do Epic and Unique potential stuff even drop for? Just reduce drops from a mob to just 1 equip with Legendary potential so there won't be all this glowing crap on the ground! And those potions to level up those beginner skills, make them all stack in one slot. Why do they even expire? The damn server ain't going to be there forever anyway. What kind of dumbfricks thought this was a good idea? Holy frig, nexon is so stupid, can't fix anything right and is always going the primitive caveman way. It's 2018, in case you didn't know, nexon. So is Jett really not an Adventurer since we can't make one in Lab server? Jett confirmed to be alien? Is that why humans can't play Jett properly? Worst birthday ever.