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zisan Level 89 Outlaw
Boom. The sound of havoc woke him up. Screams. People screaming everywhere. Tim moved his head towards the window, but couldn't look outside because of the curtain. More screams. Tim stood up right away and walked towards the curtain, while at the same time another explosion went off. Tim lost his balance for a second, but got back up on his feet right away and eventually got hold of the curtain. He noticed the adrenaline rushing through his body as Tim was breathing heavily. Another scream. He stopped thinking about it and pulled the curtain away. Tim was looking down from his hotelroom on the 6th floor. He couldn't believe his eyes. Thinking about what was going on Tim tried to observe some more, until someone banged against his front door.
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capnmurica Level 33 Bera Cleric
Tim opened the door. There she was, Anastasia, the escort Tim booked for his Saturday fun. Tim had never witnessed an escort this beautiful. Tim began shaking, the screams he heard intensified. "Anastasia, you're even more beautiful in real life" Tim stuttered. Anastasia replied "Thank you, I believe you are Tim?" -with a Russian accent. Tim smiled and passed her the envelope with the money enclosed. Tim shut the door and Anastasia followed Tim to the bed. Tim was ready but Anastasia requested Tim take a shower first. Tim nodded and sprinted into the bathroom. Off came Tim's work clothes and the shower began. Meanwhile, Anastasia began counting the money, all $500usd. Tim was done, he proceeded to the bed and Anastasia was there with a smile. "Are you ready" she said. Tim could not believe this was the moment, intense thoughts arose as he began contemplating what this act of betrayal would mean for his relationship with his wife back at home. Tim came to the conclusion 'No, what happens in Moscow, stays in Moscow'. He was done thinking and proceeded to taking Anastasia's clothes off. Layer by layer, the clothes came off and the adrenaline kicked in. All of Tim's blood began flowing past his body. He was ready and started kissing her, slowly working his way down to the chest and further past her body. Anastasia began to whimper, "How is it?" Tim said, as he continued. Anastasia only whimpered more, Tim smiled as he knew. The favor was returned as Anastasia kneeled. Tim looked up to the ceiling, his eyes widened with his mouth opened. "Ahhh he murmured". Tim and Anastasia now both got on the bed, their bodies collided touching all so close, 'thump, thump, thump' the bed made, repeatedly and repeatedly. The screams began again, this time from his room. 'Bang, Bang, Bang' he heard through his wall. "I CAN HEAR YOU" screamed the guest occupying the room next door. Tim was undeterred, his only thought and effort was to Anastasia. The blood now pumped drastically, Tim knew this the moment. The bed began thumping even more now, harder and faster Tim worked his body, Anastasia whimpered louder and louder. The force of their colliding bodies now created a noise so strong, Tim could hear repeated banging coming from both corners off the wall. Tim shrugged off the banging sounds and focused all his energy into one last push, "Ahhhhh Tim cried". Tim now exhausted, immediately fell back to the bed afterwards as Anastasia laid next to Tim, bewildered. She had never experienced a client this strong and aggresive. Tim's hour with Anastasia was up, Anastasia began putting her clothes back on as did Tim. Tim escorted Anastasia to the door and she leaves. Tim now went back to sleep smiling. The next day, Tim woke up and got ready. Tim checked out of his hotel and proceeded to the airport for his flight back to New York, where his wife Ashley happily waited. When Tim finally arrived at the airport, Ashley ran into Tim's arms and he kissed her. Ashley was so excited to have Tim back and asked him everything he did in Moscow.
Aug 26 2018

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