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Strange Ornate Chest Problem

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skype Level 203 Renegades Luminous 4 Cloud Guild
There is a Pink Bean chair in an ornate chest at ToT. I click to go and buy it and it gives me the message " You don't have enough in stock" Even though I had not purchased one before. How do I fix this so I can buy the chair?
Posted: October 2015 Permalink


akadantemustdie Level 211 Scania Kaiser 4 See what games, anime & art akadantemustdie is intoakadantemustdie
Someone has bought it before you. Sadly, you'll almost never be able to get the cool items because people get them so fast >.>
Oct 23 2015
trumpet205 Level 205 Windia Aran 4
Nexon needs to do a better translation.

What that message actually means is that it is out of stock. Ornate Chest only stocks 1 of each randomized item per day. Unless you camp there right after 12AM PST it is unlikely you would be able to buy anything useful from it.
Oct 24 2015
@trumpet205: It's actually not 12 AM PST. I tested a while ago by checking the contents of the chest every hour. Unless it's changed, the restock times will be around 30 minutes or so after the end of the last server maintenance. I also believe it restocks twice a day, in 12 hour increments, though perhaps I'm remembering incorrectly.

I stopped tracking it after the more valuable items deflated (WABR recipe specifically).
Oct 24 2015

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