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Strongest Gms players 2015

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Dominating Level 136 Windia Blade Master
So my guesses are :

Lumi: DivineMyth
Xenon: Unific
Phantom: CarloStory ( or carlosxc? which one is it xD )
Kaiser: Prafit
Night Lord: Xpose ( stronger than xTukiz? )
Mage: bleve
DB : MazzStrike ( quit )
Paladin: vBury

I dont know many other jobs unfortunately

Who are your choises for the strongest GMS players ?
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Undexme Level 246 Windia Night Lord Boundless Guild
Strongest nightlord would actually go to that guy that can cap on his shadower with that 130% move. I mean I'm sure there are multiple people that can do this as well since there are many strong unknown players that keep to themselves.

Strongest bowmaster would be that guy that caps with arrow blaster when summoned on chaos vellum (he has a vid of it somewhere on Basil I think). He was one of the stronger wind archers as well I believe.

The strongest phantom in Broa was FinalOpera (Matt) quit ages ago but he had literally all perfected equips with 30%+ luk on everything and 15 star tyrants. (Mind you this was over a year ago)..[/quote]

when you say ' strongest nl would actualy go to that guy that can cap on his shadower with mc '
do you suggest that i cant?
either way i dont claim to be the strongest it doesnt interest me at all , i just want to understand what you meant

on topic
strongest phantom i know is Phantomkiig
strongest xenon is UltimateXen
shade is PrimeTimeSha
strongest kaiser is MassySlashy? or whatever is massy's kaiser ign lol

i believe there are more too but who plays for competition anymore? its just pay2win
Jan 18 2015
ayushgarg Level 140 Bellocan Bishop
Is ZeroByDivide weaker than DivineMyth?
Jan 18 2015
RogueTheDS Level 218 Scania Phantom 4 Reconcile Guild
strongest i know are:
Xenon- @mrxxkim and Unific
NL-DDundeR, xTuki
not saying theyre the strongest in all of gms but theyre the strongest ik from those classes
Jan 18 2015
ishylilboy Level 200 Scania Battle Mage 4
Xenon: MisterPANG
Phantom: MissusPANG
Nightlord: MissusMARGO
Dawn warrior:MisterTenshi
Bishop: MisterKimchee, MisterTrance
Jan 18 2015
Fryber Level 205 Khaini Battle Mage 4 Lift Guild
Battle Mage: Tehees
Jan 18 2015
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