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Strongest Hero in your server

Hero Forum Talk about Fighter, Crusader and Hero

Who is the strongest here in your server?

In scania I say:

Feids and SendItOn
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iHeroYuri Level 205 Khaini Hero
There aren`t many Heros here ... I only know 2. Out of us 3 I`d say @Inuzuka unless someone can prove me wrong.
Sep 15 2013
....again with the strong heroes stuff
Sep 15 2013
Feids is trash i could do more damage than him using a 0 attack weapon[/quote]

That's because you're a kaiser .-.
Sep 15 2013
Akon1659 Level 250 Windia Hero
I honestly don't want to sound arrogant but i should be one of the higher hitters.

when i move my gear back to my hero soon im going to have around 300%str, 800-1k total attack, 180-200% boss.. not counting my total dmg % and other things.
Sep 15 2013
Inuzuka Level 204 Khaini Hero
@iHeroYuri: lol yeah, not very many of us around
Sep 15 2013
Eruditez Level 14 Demethos Mercedes 1 See what games, anime & art Eruditez is intoEruditez
Tactics - Scania
500k clean range from November 2012
Sep 15 2013
David0696 Level 213 Windia Hero
My vote goes to David0696 in Windia~[/quote]

Hah, I wish!
I actually went inactive and sold a bunch of my things.
I got permanent banned about an hour ago.

ElisaHero got 17 min dojo time as a Hero! Congratulations to her!

Edit: After recognition of the meso exploit, my account is fine and mesos are untouched.
Sep 15 2013
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