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Stuck on Maple Island

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Sn0wScrae Level 151 Windia Corsair
Hello everyone!
I am making a Marksman because I had one on my old account but I deleted it as I thought I'd never play it, but I'm back after a year and a half break and I want to make one again. I tried making one about two weeks ago, however when I was doing the Maple Island quests I got stuck on the second map with Roger. Everytime I tried to leave and press up on the portal it wouldn't let me go through it. I distributed my AP and I tried on all 20 channels but nothing worked
I then made a new character, skipped Maple Island and went straight to Lith Harbor. However, once I hit Level 10 I was unable to make the job advancement because I never did Mai's quest in which you choose which class you want to be.

Can anyone help me with this glitch? I thought they would've fixed it in the patch yesterday but when I tried to go through the map with Roger the same thing happened. So what do I do? Is there any way I can make a bowman or am I stuck on Maple Island until they fix this glitch? Is there any way around the glitch in which I can pass the map with Roger and do Mai's quest which makes you choose your class?

Thank you for you time and help
Posted: July 2013 Permalink


Sn0wScrae Level 151 Windia Corsair
its on the lightbulb on the left of the screen [/quote]

Thank you so much!
Jul 05 2013
willca1 Level 168 Reboot Dark Knight
@Sn0wScrae: Haha it's no problem mate
Jul 05 2013

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